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Odors can be generated in your marine head (MSD) when using raw water in the system. The combination of organic material and contaminants in raw water, along with a small, warm, poorly ventilated area can produce noxious odors. These odors can be attributed to a raw water flush MSD designed system.


The FreshFlush device.

The FreshFlush delivers unpressurized, backflow controlled, automatically refilled fresh water when incorporated into your boat's onboard fresh water system.

The FreshFlush is NOT an additive and is not a "downstream treatment." Retrofit a FreshFlush unit, mount it anywhere adjacent to your head, tap into an existing fresh water supply (vanity, shower, etc) and your boat's odor problem will be eliminated/significantly minimized. There is no need to install a "fresh water" marine sanitation device, add chemicals, or do anything else other companies will advertise as solutions to your boat's odor problems. There is no need to change out your existing hardware to switch to the use of the FreshFlush unit - adapt/retrofit what you already have.

Our product is a solution to the odor problem attributable to a raw water flush designed system.


-If your application is to be part of a "LAVAC" System, please note that the FreshFlush device must by mounted LOWER than the head it is supplying. Head overflow WILL occur if not mounted below head level.

-The FreshFlush has a 1 gallon static capacity, and has been found functional at a 45 degree heeling angle in sail applications.