Welcome to FreshFlush Inc.


You're getting comments and complaints from the "First Mate" and guests about the odors coming from your onboard bathrooms. With a raw water flushing system, little fresh air flow, and high temperatures, obnoxious odors can be generated.


The FreshFlush unit solution is not an additive or a downstream additive. It is a logical solution to the odors caused by head use and the contaminants contained in a seawater flush system. Mix the two and you get that outhouse quality smell.

There is no need to invest in the cost and installation costs of a dedicated, fresh water flush head. And there is no need to dispose of your current onboard hardware and hope that the mounting system of your existing head will match the new, "freshwater" flush head.
Change the flush water SOURCE! Not the head itself!

The FreshFlush reservoir can be installed by the owner by tapping into an existing source and running a supply line to the head, and you're now flushing with unpressurized fresh water! Raw water contaminants are eliminated. Odors are minimized or eliminated, similar to that way your sanitary system functions at home. 

The FreshFlush system IS the solution!


-If your application is to be part of a "LAVAC" System, please note that the FreshFlush device must by mounted LOWER than the head it is supplying. Head overflow WILL occur if not mounted below head level.

-The FreshFlush has a 1 gallon static capacity, and has been found functional at a 45 degree heeling angle in sail applications.