Welcome to FreshFlush Inc.


The primary purpose of this device is to provide dockside or onboard FRESH water supply to your MSD to help eliminate raw water contaminant and odor problems inherent in using raw water.

Your “FreshFlush” MSD unit provides FRESH WATER, PRESSURIZED INPUT, UNPRESSURIZED OUTPUT fresh water supply system for your onboard MSD device. It is intended to be a retrofit adaptation to the raw water system currently utilized. It can be mounted convenient to an existing PRESSURIZES FRESH WATER SUPPLY; NOT necessarily in the head, but on a vertical surface near the head if possible, with access to a pressurized fresh water supply line. The tub/shower and/or vanity sink fresh water supply is ideal.

The tank MUST be mounted in a vertical position with the input supply line (furnished) and the gray plastic barb fitting facing DOWN! Other mounting configurations will render the unit useless! The supply line is fitted with a ½” Female IPS and a ½” nipple end to allow fitting to a standard plastic line “T” adapter. This “T” adapter will be the in-line connection to an existing pressurized fresh water supply source. The “outflow” gray plastic barb fitting is ¾” and will be the fresh water supply to the head.
The previous RAW WATER SUPPLY line should be totally disconnected and disabled to eliminate any chance of cross contamination to the onboard fresh water supply system and the old, RAW WATER system.

(Please check the website photos for variations on mounting locations)

With a 1.5 gallon standing capacity, and the ability to be refilled automatically as used, there should be NO SHORTAGE of fresh water for MSD use since many MSD manufacturers claim the use of 1.0 liters or LESS for each flush cycle. As the heads are flushed, a new supply of fresh water is made available.